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    Hello! I'm Chelsea Maier 

    I am...

  • ...A Junior Designer, (Bachelor of Environmental Design), Art Facilitator, 2x Small Business Owner, Textile Artist, Published Poet, Writer, & Overall Multi-Medium Creative.

    grab a coffee and come on in... 

  • I am currently living and working in Vancouver, BC.

    As the Marketing Project Manager at Blonyx Biosciences as the artist & seamstress behind In Plan View


    Long Live Your Linens. Handmade textiles tablewares- In Plan View

  • How I Learn & How I Work

    When it comes to design, my brain never turns off. If I could section cut through anything I wanted, to see how everything was built or is operating inside, I would.

    • I believe inspiration can be found everywhere, or pulled out of anything.
    • I always have 5-10 books on the go as I am finding something different in each of them.
    • I am as much fascinated by the business side of design than by the design side of design, and what all projects mean in the bigger picture.
    • I feel that, coming out of design school and continuing to gain experience as a junior designer, I know everything yet I know nothing. That being said, when I don't know something, I take the actions required to figure it out, adapting to the situation.
    • I like to keep up with what is going on in the community, and where our place in that lies. There is a bigger picture to every action we take when we make design and business decisions.
    • At the end of the day, "If it doesn't sell, it's not creative -David Ogilvy. 

    My most recent projects and work experience..


    Performance supplements for elite level athletes.


    The Best Place On Earth


    Beach Culture, Bright Life.  


    I am currently a volunteer for the Vancouver chapter of Creative Mornings. Have you been? It's a must. See you there!


    DBR WINE: A research, design, and hands on building project guided and founded by Michael Green, MGA, Scott Hawthorn and Eric Karsh.

    I would love to tell you more about this project and experience.

  • Website for Lucy Hyslop

    Using the ever-amazing Strikingly platform I was able to take a lifetime worth of content from journalist Lucy Hyslop and create an online portfolio for her work. Take a gander at her new homepage and read/listen to some of her amazing work while you're there!


    I've been working hard since I was old enough to hold a job.

    Please see my extended work experiences, volunteer positions and education history by downloading the PDF file via the button below. *full design portfolio can also be downloaded further down the page*

  • Work that I will jump out of bed in the morning for... 

    An architect knows something about everything.

    An engineer knows everything about one thing. 

    -Matthew Frederick


    I'll confidently describe myself as multi-faceted with a mixture of design and business experience. I'd be interested in working in the following areas, one at a time or... all at once: 

    Interior design (Residential and Commercial)

    Graphic design

    Layout design
    Textile based projects

    Product Development & Administration

    Company travel
    Site Visits
    Social Media 

    Product Photography
    Event Planning
    Tablescape Design
    Copy Writing
    Web Development

    E-mail Marketing
    Branding & Collateral Creation

    Printing and Packaging



    Whatever else is hot and happening at the moment.

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  • Software

    Revit Architecture

    I am fascinated by the power of this program and would love an opportunity to work with a firm that uses the software, or is looking to move to it in the future. I feel confident in my existing Revit skills and also love that the program feels intuitive for me to work with. When I am not sure how to do something I am usually quickly able to figure it out, or find and utilize the resources to learn how. 

    Adobe Creative Suite

    In the last two years of the program I spent most of my time in InDesign and Photoshop. Photoshop is a powerful tool that I love spending time with, and have been able to make it work for all my rendering and graphic needs. 


    AutoCAD is powerful without measure for architectural projects as well. We used it throughout the program, and then spent a semester with the details of AutoCAD– completing a full set of construction drawings for a residential unit. 

    Pen and Pencil

    I have found that I can increase my work speed if, throughout the design process I sketch and write quick plans for what I need to bring to life in a software program. Design journalling has been an inspiring habit of mine that I picked up during school and hope to maintain for the rest of my life. 

    Mac and Windows Operating Systems

    I can rock both of em.
    HTML and CSS
    I am currently studying both and intend to move into other languages and frameworks as needed. 

    Other Programs and Services

    If you frequently use a program that is not listed here don't fret. I'm quick and savvy at picking up programs if there is a use for them. I didn't know any of the above programs until I needed them, and now I can't imagine life without them. Plus, Lynda.com is my best friend. I watch tutorial videos on Lynda for fun. Yep. 

  • I hold a Degree in Environmental Design-Interior Architecture, with the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Manitoba.

    This is all about Where I have been, and Where I want to go.

     Let's dive deeper into my Studies with the blog posts below...

  • Explore My Design Studies

    Thoughts, musings, and ruminations on five years of studies at the University of Manitoba earning my Undergraduate Degree in Environmental Design. 

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  • Design Portfolio

    You can download my portfolio by clicking on this handy button right here. If you'd like a physical copy I am happy to have one printed and delivered. 

  • Recent Endeavours 

    Expanding on my projects and work experience... 

    Summer Skin Clothing

    Summer Skin was launched in 2012 when I sat down with a notebook and a pen and asked myself: 'What would I do this summer if I wasn't afraid to fail?' (a great question to ask yourself if you want to start a business, inspired by one of my studio crits). I had been lugging around a few bins of fabric I purchased in Eastern Africa, and I had made clothing with some that had warranted a lot of attention. I decided to launch a line of bright, bold beach-to-street clothing pieces. I took care of: branding, media management, travel, pricing, marketing, pattern-making, production, photography, post-editing, copy-writing, packaging and shipping. 

    The Artful Owl 

    The Artful Owl is the best place on earth. The art studio itself is the hardest place to leave (for me, and the children that attend classes). I started facilitating art classes at The Owl after taking a History of Textiles summer course with the studio founder, Stephanie Middagh. She called that course her three month interview process (she had her eye on me) and I call it fate. Working at the studio was educational, inspiring, fun, colourful, entertaining, and full of 'awesomeness'. Projects were rooted in art history and we worked with as many mediums as we could throughout the sessions. I learned a lot about creativity and business working for Stephanie, who became a great mentor and friend. 

    In Plan View Tablewares

    Expanding on my love for textiles, but moving forward from making clothing, In Plan View was born. I ate one too many meals in front of a cellphone or laptop while I was living in studio during University. After solo travels through Europe, and being immersed in Italian culture for two weeks, I realized I was extremely nostalgic for the ritual of a table, fully set, with real cloth linens. My solution? Design my own textiles, press and sew them into table linens, and spark a linen revolution. A beautiful table can inspire cooking, mindful eating, evenings spent with friends, and hopefully a nice bottle of wine (or five). My favourite part about running the business was food photography, staging, and tablescape design. I hope to expand on that love in the future. 

    Volunteer Work 

    Part of the reason I wanted to work for myself, was to be able to choose my own travel dates and to have time to volunteer. There is nothing quite like volunteering whatever level of time and effort you can give at the moment. I believe volunteering pays in currencies other than money. Two positions that recently made an impact on me were volunteer work with an Adult Resource Centre, and work with Habitat for Humanity. 

  • Tying it all together.

    I am always ready and looking to take everything I've ever explored in work, school, textiles, teaching, art, business and life and apply it into a new creative project.


     Thanks for visiting my home base and reading my story. I'd like to help you tell yours too. Let's talk about what that could look like. 


     -Chelsea Maier